Synergy Strengthen the Family of Slingbox Supporting Mobile HD Broadcasting Meet the HD Stage


Synergy Strengthen the Family of Slingbox
Supporting Mobile HD Broadcasting
Meet the HD Stage

December 18, 2007

Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited – a subsidiary of China Fortune Holdings Limited (SEHK code: 110) today announced the latest Singbox? series, meet the availability of the High Definition (HD) TV Broadcasting, the new models Slingbox PRO and Slingbox SOLO, both support the HD signal, users can watch their digital TV, Pay TV, satellite TV and DVD programmes from DVD recorder with using their mobile phones, PDAs, PCs anywhere with internet connection enjoying the amazing high visual quality easily.

General Manager of Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited - Mr. Francis Fong said “Slingbox CLASSIC is very popular to the public when this product launched last year, many mobile users can enjoy the live TV broadcast or movie, eliminate the barrier of the location. The new launched Slingbox PRO and Slingbox SOLO, particularly focus on the availability of the HD TV broadcasting standard, I confidence that the products can fulfill the needs of audiences who looking for a high visual quality broadcasting programme on their mobile phones under Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Palm OS platforms with using SlingPlayer? anytime and anywhere as a low cost solution.”

Support HD TV Broadcasting

HD Digital Broadcasting starts the availability this year, and estimates providing full coverage next year. Do you think you can watch the HD TV programme like drama or exciting soccer matches, even if you place outdoor? The new series Slingbox PRO and Slingbox SOLO target on the existing HD digital broadcasting, supporting the HD set-top box digital signal also with the widescreen (16:9) and streams in full VGA resolution (640 x 480). Slingbox PRO provides 4 sets of input connection (Aerial, A/V, S-Video and HD connect cable-component) at the same time with the TV Tuner installed inside, can receive the normal TV signal directly without connection with the TV. Slingbox SOLO, also lets you enjoy watching HD TV with offering attractive price and small size exterior.

Features and Benefits of New Slingbox PRO and Slingbox SOLO

  • Watch your live TV with using the SlingPlayer? PC software*.
  • Watch and control your digital video recorder, satellite box, or other TV signal from any room in your house, and anywhere you can access to the Internet.
  • Proprietary SlingStream? video optimization technology ensures the best possible picture quality on mobile phone or PC/MAC, with HD component support with resolution up to 1080i and VGA quality (640 x 480) on screen.
  • With a resizable window mode, full screen mode, and the SlingbarTM mode, the SlingPlayer? Mobile software* lets you watch your television however and wherever you want.
  • Providing 4 sets of input connection, and embedded TV Tuner, can direct select the channel without connection with TV. (Exclusive for Slingbx PRO)
  • Includes a FREE Slingbox Finder Service to locate a Slingbox from any network location, in or out of the home.

* SlingPlayer PC software supports Windows Vista, XP and Mac OS X platforms.
SlingPlayer Mobile software supports Symbian OS S60, Windows Mobile and Palm OS platforms.

Slingbox PRO connection interfaces 

Slingbox SOLO connection interfaces 

Slingbox CLASSIC connection interfaces

Pricing and Availability

The suggested retail price of Slingbox PRO is HK$2,280, Slingbox SOLO is HK$1,480 and Slingbox CLASSIC is HK$1,980, all will be available now through reputable electronic retail chains and major computer malls in HK. Synergy is Sling Media's sole distributor in Hong Kong and Macau. For more product information, please call our General Hotline (852) 2485 6321, or visit our website:

About Sling Media

Sling Media, Inc. is the world's leading digital lifestyle company offering consumer services and products that are a natural extension of today’s digital way of life. Sling Media's product family includes the internationally acclaimed, Emmy award-winning Slingbox? that allows consumers to watch and control their living room television shows at any time, from any location, using PCs, Macs, PDAs, and smartphones. For more information on Sling Media or the Slingbox, visit

About China Fortune Holdings Limited

China Fortune Holdings Limited was founded by Mr. Steve Lau and his brothers in Hong Kong in 1992. It was first listed on GEM Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 8040) on 16th February 2000, and then shifted to the Main Board (Stock Code: 110) on 26th January 2004. The Company mainly distributes mobile phones and digital products, and also provides wireless communication solutions. It has over 70 sales operations and offices in the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong, with more than 2,000 operating and sales personnel. It has around ten thousand direct sales customers, including China Mobile, China Unicom, Hong Kong Majority Operators, Government & Corporate customers, resellers & retailers. Long-term partners include Nokia, Samsung, BenQ and NEC. For further information, please visit

About Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited

Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited was established 1991. It is a subsidiary of China Fortune Holdings Limited (SEHK code: 110). It focused on developing as a leading IT company in the mobile and wireless sectors in both Hong Kong and PRC. Synergy has distribution rights for various world-famous brands of high-technology products including, AirTight Networks, Aruba Networks, Asoka, HTC, Intellisync, Nokia, Nomadix, Option, Palm, Proxim, Ruckus, Sling Media, SONY and Sybase iAnywhere, etc. For further information, please visit


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