Tonino Lamborghini’s Limited Edition Spyder Supreme Diamond cell phone







Tonino Lamborghini’s Limited Edition Spyder Supreme Diamond cell phone dazzles in the spotlight as it celebrates its 30th anniversary

Puro Talento Italiano!

Among the tales of Ancient Greece, it is told that diamonds are the teardrops of the gods, a manifestation of divinity. Through the exquisite craftsmanship of lapidaries, diamonds can now reflect the most astonishing glamour. Such pure and enduring radiance has been claimed as the symbol of perfection and eternity…..


(Hong Kong – May 13, 2011)                 An illustration of ultimate luxury, Tonino Lamborghini’s Spyder cell phone mesmerizes the crowd once again with its dazzling Spyder Supreme Diamond Limited Edition. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Tonino Lamborghini’s “Fashion and Accessories” business that was its first ever launch of Supreme Diamond cell phone in their world markets, and which will first be previewed in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing and Tianjin. As diamonds are elegantly settled across the refined contours of its stainless steel case, it also demonstrates the divine position and esteemed character which the name carries.


The all new Spyder Supreme Diamond Limited Edition are carefully crafted as designers and artisan sources out the finest gems to be set on the supreme 316L stainless steel case. Blending the best of Swiss craftsmanship and technique of the finest diamond setting, each Supreme Diamond cell phone is unique as the case front is covered with diamonds weighting a total of 7.8cts and its case back is blanketed with white alligator-patterned leather which adds a delicate and elegant feminine touch to the cool stainless steel case. Yet, if placed in the hands of the professional and contemporary man, it is inevitably a symbol of prestige and class. The Supreme Diamond Model is limited to 300 pieces in which connoisseurs in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing and Tianjin can first pre-order the rare and extraordinary masterpiece and own their personal piece of eternity.


Simultaneously, Tonino Lamborghini has also launched the Spyder Diamond Collection S-650 and S-660 in continuation to release the aura which the Spyder Diamond Collection contains. The silver cover of the S650 is ornamented with diamonds on the left and right sides, the top and the middle of the phone which the gems weights a total of 2.5cts. Matched with black leather with alligator patterns, it is a refined combination of contemporary style and taste. Meanwhile, the S-660’s cover is wrapped around in diamonds with a total of 5.9cts and adorned with a black alligator-pattern leather which is a statement of class and luxury naturally brings the owner under the spotlight.


To commemorate the 30th anniversary of “Fashion and Accessories” business, founded by Mr Tonino Lamborghini, these three distinctive models of the Spyder Diamond Collection will have their own unique serial number, and Supreme Diamond model engraved along with the signature of Mr Tonino Lamborghini, making it a collector’s must-have item.


From June 1-30, collectors in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing and Tianjin will be able to take the first glimpse of the enduring mobile device. In Hong Kong, local enthusiasts can visit the Oriental Watch Company in Central, where it will be presented in a dynamic and astonishing way to let them fully indulge in the luxurious world of Tonino Lamborghini.


Spyder Diamond Collection Preview Exhibition:

Date: June 1 – 30, 2011

Location: Hong Kong – Oriental Watch Company, Halewinner

Macau – Oriental Watch Company

Beijing – The Legend Shopping Center

Tianjin – Tianjin Grand Department Store


Enquires: 2412 9333 (Acestar Concept Limited)


General Specification:

These three new members of the Spyder Diamond Collection are embodied with the high-quality traditions of the Spyder Collection by its exquisite craftsmanship and using quality materials. Such as the 316L stainless steel case needs to undergo a manual process of burnishing, polishing and processing to create the 70 more parts which are used throughout the cell phone to give it a refined touch and its anti-scratch sapphire crystal screen protects it from external scratches and damages. All incorporated in one single masterpiece with proudly embodies the Tonino Lamborghini “Raging Bull” icon in 18kt gold; it is a statement of the irreplaceable status-quo which the name possesses.


Case                  316L Stainless Steel

Size                   53 × 123 x 18mm; 172g

Origin                Italian design; Swiss assembled

Keypad              316L Stainless Steel

Screen               Sapphire crystal (4 times hardness)

High resolution LCD 2”: 240 x 320 pixels

Performance     Up to 4 hours GSM talk time & 200 hours standby time

2.75G coverage in over 180 countries (GSM900 / 1800 / network)

Memory             4GB external memory

Camera              3.0 MP front and back camera; auto-focus; LED Flash

Video                Support VGA@15fgs

Others               SOS button

Car engine ringtones



Supreme Diamond

-              316L Stainless Steel

-              18K gold Tonino Lamborghini icon on the front and centre back position

-              White Genuine Leather Back

-              Sapphire Crystal

-              DLC treatment

-              7.8cts IF diamonds

-              Limited to 300 pieces, pre-order only

-              Retail Price: HK$288,000.00


-              316L Stainless Steel

-              18K gold Tonino Lamborghini icon on the front and centre back position

-              Black Genuine Leather Back

-              Sapphire Crystal

-              DLC treatment

-              2.5cts IF diamonds

-              Retail Price: HK$78,000.00


-              316L Stainless Steel

-              18K gold Tonino Lamborghini icon on the front and centre back position

-              Black Genuine Leather Back

-              Sapphire Crystal

-              DLC treatment

-              5.9cts IF diamonds

-              Retail Price: HK$128,000.00


About Tonino Lamborghini

The reasons behind the success of a brand can always be found in the history of its growth and its ability to constantly renew itself.

Mr. Tonino Lamborghini believed that no one can compare with this extraordinary, unthinkable and powerful “Bull” no matter in the past or present. He has always held the opinion that designs should be like women – sexy, easy and intuitive. Based on this philosophy, Tonino Lamborghini has always been able to combine the mechanical with the aesthetical, and worked through the years with pride and passion on designs that radiate individual character and refined tastes. Besides, Tonino Lamborghini has always been able to infuse new life into its brand, excelling in areas as diverse as watches, perfumes, sunglasses, leather accessories, furnishing items and clothing lines. Wherever Tonino Lamborghini takes its taste and talent, its products always echo the glory of the Italian design tradition and pursuit of excellence, which are central to Tonino Lamborghini’s creation concepts.

Apart from their family historical and legendary business, nowadays, Tonino Lamborghini towards the international expansion through its passion and supreme craftsmanship that let the brand’s emblematic Raging Bull can be found in restaurants, health drinks, and even private residences, bringing with it Italian chic and elegance wherever it leaves its footprints.





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