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Synergy, the HK & Macau Distributor of Anymode

Proudly Presents the Extensive Range of Samsung Mobile Accessories


【Hong Kong‧23th April, 2013】Along with the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S4, Synergy, proudly distributes the South Korean smartphone accessories company Anymode. Anymode is the official partner of the Samsung Mobile Application Partnership Program (SMAPP) which ensures the highest standards of product quality and design. A series of Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories is going to be launched, including the Me-in Folio Cover, Kick Stand Folio Cover and Marvel Comics series Case, etc. Certainly, smartphone parts such as Wireless Charger, Portable DJ Controller and NFC speaker are indispensable indeed.


Being the SMAPP in Korea, Anymode provides a harmonious combination of consistently elegant design, sustainable product development, top quality materials and inventive add-ons that are cleverly incorporated into the products. The winning of the “iF design awards” not only confirms the demands for high-end quality and design by Anymode, but also explain Anymode’s cooperation between Samsung. Anymode aims at helping its customers organize their lives using fashion and high-end technical appliances tailored to their needs.


In the words of Mr. Francis Fong, the General Manager of Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited, a perfect smartphone needs to be equipped with strong accessories. The smartphone parts of Anymode are almost perfect in terms of design and quality. Anymode has a very supportive technical team, which is responsible for the research and development. As a result, we are proud to be the distributor of Anymode and to promote the advance smartphone accessories.

Me-in Folio Cover

Here comes the Innovative mirror screen protector, which allows direct image reflection just like a transparent mirror. Users can choose to pick up the call or not without opening the flip by seeing through the mirror. Moreover, users can use S Pen to operate the phone through the mirror directly so can save the step of opening smartphone comprehensively! Be Simple and convenient!

  • Classy and genuine leather case
  • Transparent front cover as Mirror
  • Able to call while the front cover is closed ( For Note 2 series)
  • Able to use the touch pen (S Pen) ( For Note 2 series)
  • Direct operation of smartphone through the mirror cover
  • Plus X Award achieved for Design category


Price:HK$ 498 (Model:GS4)

HK$ 458 (Model:Note II)


Kick Stand Folio Cover

Samsung Galaxy series are famous for the big screen.  In order to make it more comfortable for users to enjoy the big screen, Anymode launched the Kickstand series protective cage. The phone can be operated in horizontal direction so as to reduce the burden on hand muscles. The patent design of Anymode won the iF Product Design Award 2013 (telecommunication category only applied in Galaxy S3 line). Freely adjust the angles to make your Galaxy a private cinema.

  • Luxurious textured Carbon pattern
  • Adjustable angles allow for easy typing
  • Slim-fit with convenient stand

Color:White, Black, Grey

Price:HK$ 398

Model:GS4、Note II



Wireless Charger

Comprehensive features of smartphone result in the quick shortage of electricity after long time of use. Thus, many smartphone users prefer portable external chargers. Unfortunately, most of the existing portable chargers are either too bulky or inconvenient. Therefore, Anymode designed a Wireless Charger. Simply put your phone down on the plate. That’s all you need to do! Mobile phones can be automatically charged together with Anymode’s proprietary battery and wireless charger. Charging your phone can never be simpler! The sleek and portable design definitely made it one of the most innovative product in 2013.

  • Can charge the battery independently
  • 3-coil type support more stable and faster charging
  • Battery + Station Package
  • Can use both Note & S3 with the integrated TX module

Price:HK$ 798

Model:GS3、Note II


Beam Case (Limited Edition)

American comic is gathering increasing attention in recent years and there must be one of your heroes in Anymode! The Marvel Comics Series elaborates on the original addictive comic style, which you just want to bring it home.

  • NFC technology supports flashing case
  • Plus X Award achieved for Design category

Choice of Hero:Spiderman、Iron Man (2 in Total)

Price:HK$ 298

Portable DJ Controller

The key of Party is music! Here comes world’s smallest Anymode portable DJ Controller. Allowing you to share with friends anytime, the sleek size of the product makes it the winner of the iF Product Design Award 2013 (telecommunications category). High quality CD-like music and tracks mixing is available everywhere. Wireless and truly portable! Just put your phone on the touch screen, and joy will follow.

  • 2 touch LCD control panels
  • Rapid reaction time (under one second)
  • iF Product Design Award 2013 (telecommunications category)
  • Tempo monitoring with or without pitch shift feature
  • A range of sound effects (phaser, flanger, delay, chorus etc.)
  • Individual equalizer
  • Beat synchronized loop

Price:HK$ 4,998

NFC Speaker

Want to enjoy music at home easily? Anymode NFC Speaker has made it as easy as pie. Employing NFC technology Bluetooth pairing has become obsolete – the devices are automatically identified. Enjoy your life with 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable sound quality!

  • High-performance speaker
  • Digital Sound AMP Stereo
  • Micro USB charger
  • 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable
  • 1,500mA Li-Ion battery
  • Charging for 3 hours can play 10 hours

Price:HK$ 968




About Synergy
Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited was established in 1991. It is a subsidiary of SiS International Holding Limited (a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited). Synergy focused on developing as a leading IT company in the mobile solution sectors in both Hong Kong and PRC. Synergy has distribution rights for various world-famous brands of high-technology products including, Acer, Anymode, Doro, Samsung, Sling Media, Symantec Norton and Tonino Lamborghini, etc.
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About Anymode
Anymode is the leading manufacturer of IT mobile accessories and devices in Asia. The company was founded in 2007 and has its head office in Seoul, Korea with around 120 employees worldwide. In terms of units sold, it is one of the fastest growing providers of mobile devices and accessories in the world. Anymode is the official partner of the Samsung Mobile Application Partnership Program (SMAPP). The company manufactures accessories for the Samsung Galaxy product range, iPhone and iPad, and is represented in over 50 countries outside Europe: Latin America, Middle East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, with offices in Europe, China, USA, Japan and Hong Kong.






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